Value: £4.5m

Project type: Design and construction

Contractor: Geo Houlton Ltd.


Geo Houlton Ltd. is carrying out the design and construction of a new classroom block at St Mary’s College in Hull.

To address the ongoing population boom within the City of Hull, 300 additional places are required within the existing facility to accommodate the increased pupil intake, increasing the pupils on role capacity of 1500 to 1800. To facilitate this, a new standalone building will be constructed and will consist of standard classrooms, ICT rich classrooms, along with ancillary facilities including an administration office.

Additionally, car parking and cycle facilities will be upgraded as part of the scheme

Pre-construction meetings were held with the client and the end-user during the planning phases, ensuring a successful transition through to delivery stage.

Enabling works were carried out over the 2019 summer break with the main works commencing from 11th November 2019.

Works carried out to date include:

  • Tree removal which involved the removal of ten trees including very large Poplar trees
  • Reduce level excavation down to formation level with waste removed from the site
  • Construction of pile mat involving the import of 6F2 stone
  • Piling works of which consisted of 93no CFA concrete piles drilled into the ground to the required depth to meet the design parameters.

From 9th December 2019, the foundation works commenced with a structural steel frame build to start 13th January 2020.

Completion is based on two phases. The first phase being 3rd September 2020 and the second phase 28th October 2020 with a total of 50 week period on site.