Delta Academy Trust had an urgent need to find a solution for Hull Trinity House Academy to accommodate its increased intake of students, ahead of the new 2022-2023 academic year.


Working together with local supply partners Sewell Construction, the team came up with a quick solution that would satisfy the Academy’s immediate need for additional space. No longer in use on the Kingswood Academy site following the completion of its standalone extension, the team identified the purpose-built modular classrooms that could be relocated from Wawne Road to the central Hull site.

Built off-site using modern methods of construction, the fit-for-purpose modulars offered agility and flexibility to allow the team to work swiftly in implementing a plan to relocate them from one site to another.


The success of this complex relocation was testament to strong partnership working and reutilisation of existing assets to not only benefit an urgent need but with sustainability high on the agenda, we need to ensure we’re reusing high-quality assets whenever possible.